• Thank you for your business.  The following after care tips will help prolong the life of your applied vinyl vehicle graphics.

    ● Hand Washing is Recommended (at least every 2 weeks)
         ∙ Use a non-abrasive cleaner without strong solvents
         ∙ Use plenty of water and wash from top of the vehicle down
         ∙ Avoid brushes as they can cause scratches and dull the finish of the protective laminate
         ∙ Use a sponge or rag and avoid excessive scrubbing
         ∙ Take extra care on matte or textured finishes
         ∙ Rinse any residue thoroughly with clean water
         ∙ Air dry or dry with a microfiber cloth

    ● Avoid pressure washing as excessive pressure which can damage the graphics, lift or curl graphics,       and separate seams.

    ● Waxing/Polishing
         ∙ Avoid Carnauba-based waxes
         ∙ Teflon or silicone based polish used should be specifically designed for use on vehicle wraps
         ∙ Do not use any wax or polish on matte or textured finishes

    ● Additional Tips
          ∙ Remove any residue as soon as possible to avoid damage or staining
          ∙ Test any cleaners you use in an inconspicuous place first, avoid abrasive cleaners
          ∙ Gas spills: wash off residue with soapy water as soon as possible
          ∙ Oil, tar or asphalt build-up: wipe down with isopropyl alcohol and a citrus-based cleaner
          ∙ Follow any chemical cleanings with a regular washing with water and mild cleanser
          ∙ Park in the shade, in a garage, or under a cover as much as possible to avoid UV damage