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why use window graphics



Vinyl window graphics allow the flexibility to change out your messaging more frequently than other types of graphics.

Built-In Advertising: 

Window graphics offer an ideal way to let the world know your business exists.  They offer a sense of who your company is and what it does.  

​​Promotion of Sales and Company News:

Window graphics give stores the opportunity to highlight current sales or special offers.  Graphics can showcase new products or new brands!  Even non-retail businesses can announce new operating hours or new product offerings. 

Greater Privacy: 

Although window graphics are often used to

share information, they can serve other

practical purposes too. For example, you can

use window graphics to create a privacy

barrier on windows on exterior or interior

spaces. You can also use frosted vinyls to

block off parts of your workspace

that you do not want visible to the public,

without removing natural light.


Studies have shown that people are more likely to notice a business that has a sign or graphics on its facade. Grad the attention of potential customers! 

Improved Appearance:

Window graphics allow your business front to be dressed up.  Graphics can even hide or mask imperfections.  Windows showing alleys or unpleasant sites can be transformed into the view you desire.  

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